About us

Micro Computers College Jhelum specializes in computer education solutions. Computer education is an integral part of the curriculum at The Micro Computers. We encourage the use of technology to stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The computer curriculum includes instruction in keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation graphics, multimedia authoring, programming and website creation. Students also have the opportunity to use industry-leading educational software that reinforces the classroom curriculum. The network also allows students access to the Internet for research and participation in on-line projects.

In all walks of life the demand for computer literacy is becoming more universal and now, even at home, people's lives are changing through home computing and the use of the Internet. In order to face up to this challenge, more people than ever are finding it important to learn the basics of IT. Micro Computers College Jhelum offer short /basic and advance /Professional Computer Courses to its students, our well educated and hardworking staff is ready to teach you at affordable fee. Our labs are equipped with latest Computers, and we offer Separate lab for female students